Kartini Restaurant

Kartini is an indoor culinary dining area located at the corner of the Surabaya Suites Hotel. This restaurant offers an open view of the streets of the entertainment and shopping center area, making it ideal for relaxing while enjoying breakfast or just drinking coffee. Conceptualized with elegant interior decoration, equipped with comfortable chairs and tables. Kartini Restaurant is inspired by the pioneering figure of Indonesian women's emancipation, Raden Ajeng Kartini. The concept of this restaurant reflects the spirit of  Kartini, which is so elegant and charming and is managed and operated to continue to serve extraordinary culinary cuisine with a touch of modern elements from experienced chefs ranging from authentic Indonesian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisine on the menu. 

The Boulevard Fitness Center & Swimming Pool

The Boulevard Fitness Center & Swimming Pool is a fitness and wellness area designed to provide a well-rounded experience for guests with a focus on relaxing comfort with a full range of quality facilities and programs. In addition, there is also a swimming pool for guests' healthy lifestyles; the goal is to actively achieve health and wellness. The key element of the Boulevard Fitness Center & Swimming Pool concept is the name Boulevard itself, which is the name of the street from Surabaya Suites Hotel, which means the main route. It is expected that physical activity or sports will become a symbol of progress and the modernity of everyone's dream body. Facilities available include an equipped gym, swimming pool, changing room area, and a variety of professional fitness class programs.

Cafe Taman

The cafe taman is an iconic area and center of activity for Surabaya Suites Hotel guests, located in the middle of the hotel. Combining two different elements of cafe and garden, surrounded by a variety of cool plants, trees, and flowers, and a glass skylight roof that adds to the freshness of the real concept of the garden itself, despite the indoor theme, guests can experience a unique and pleasant atmosphere while dining in the midst of nature while relaxing with a meal or drink. Cafe Taman presents aesthetics and beauty every day from 10.00 - 22.00 with a smoking area. Meanwhile, there are supporting facilities, namely a bar located at the end of the area that unites along the cafe taman.

Dauni Spa

Dauni is the perfect choice for guests who wish to achieve true beauty, serenity, and relaxation. Its philosophy and benefits lead guests to be pampered with luxurious and elegant aesthetic services under spa therapy that combines the techniques of trained therapists and beauticians with products developed from natural ingredients that are skin-friendly and safe. The concept is designed to provide a soothing experience for both the body and the soul while creating a peaceful atmosphere that has proven effective in meeting guests' needs. The treatments available are supported by comfortable interiors, serene music, and a touch of the spa's signature natural aroma for maximum wellness optimization for each guest.